Trump is wrong on how China tariffs work


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Oct 2010
The thing is, a large part of Trump's base, the ones who never question a word he says, believe the Chinese government IS paying the tariffs. That'll show 'em.

Only, it's not so....

Trump is wrong on how China tariffs work

President Trump said twice during a Friday press conference that China is paying billions of dollars to the U.S. Treasury due to tariffs. This is a claim he's made before, including yesterday on Twitter.

Reality check: The tariffs are paid by U.S. importers of affected Chinese goods, not by China's government or by Chinese companies. Importers then either raise costs on consumers, lower their own profit margins or both.

President Trump is wrong on how China tariffs work
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Nov 2012
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Warren is basicly supporting China's should put tariffs on US Goods, but the US should not respond to China's tariffs, by tariffs on their goods.

Funny how China has changed its monitary policy thanks to the tariffs and now willing to negotiate a fair Trade deal because of the tariffs.

Warren is playing candy land.. Trump is playing 3D Chess

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Trump understands that NOW is the time to put the pressure on, when our economy is strong and the Chinese Economy is struggling.