Trump Kicks Off Week Advocating "Bible Literacy" Classes in Schools

Dec 2015
It's time to state some facts here. First, religion(s) is ONE THING. Moral character is something else and anyone who thinks morals/values aren't taught in public school needs schooling. Period.
Walk into any public elementary school and you'll see walls and bulletin boards covered with topics like "Character Counts". Children are taught the six characteristics of character ( trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring, respect, and citizenship). Not only are these characteristics touted in special programs, assemblies/speakers and award ceremonies, but they are also promoted every hour of every day in the classroom, mostly in small ways. Every classroom has a bulletin board that features daily or weekly "superheroes" for demonstrating good, honest character--for helping others--for understanding the concepts of fairness and respect.
As students move into high school, they carry these ideals with them. High school English teachers require writing projects involving moral compass--decision making--choices. Students put their commentary on paper--their ethical viewpoint. Educators employ Socratic Seminars with roundtable discussions, present topics and encourage teams of students to consider their own values. Students LOVE these discussions.
In fact, teaching character education in public school is unavoidable. Everything the school/teacher chooses to do or not do in terms of curriculum choices influences the culture of a school and the character of its students.