Trump resort not just hiring illegals, they've been giving them fake green cards.

Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
I've mentioned this in a couple other threads but no one has commented on it. Am I the only one that sees extreme hypocrisy from Trump on this. He's got half the country shut down trying to get money to build the DJT memorial wall (that's ALL this really is about, since he can't get his face on Rushmore) while at the same time his own resort is not only hiring illegals but but in very real ways helping them stay in the country and evade ICE. If I were Trump EVERY SINGLE PERSON at that resort along with every single person at the management company that runs it WOULD BE FIRED !! Just on the optics alone.

Trump's New Jersey golf club accused of giving fake green cards, Social Security numbers to undocumented employees
Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
Trump is such a slime a story like this gets zero attention.

Everything he has touched his entire life is slime covered.
Apr 2013
La La Land North
The DoJ is becoming scared to act given the loose cannon in the WH. But can a state investigate immigration violations?
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Where in the article does it say as a fact that they hired and gave illegals ID so they could be hired? If it does and they have proof then why has no one been indicted or arrested? Mueller doesn't have jurisdiction here by his own statement. The DOJ does.
Let us know if something actually happens.

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