Trump Said the Worst Possible Thing today! Mepps!

Feb 2020
dfw, texas
President Trump said Tuesday during a Fox News virtual townhall that he wants the country’s economy re-opened by Easter amid questions over how long people should stay home and businesses should remain closed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking from the Rose Garden alongside others on his coronavirus taskforce, Trump said he "would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter." The holiday this year lands on April 12.

Trump argued he doesn’t want “to turn the country off” and see a continued economic downfall from the pandemic. He also said he worries the U.S. will see "suicides by the thousands" if coronavirus devastates the economy.


He shouldn't have said that.

Now the media will find all kinds of experts to say how we're all gonna die if we go back to work. He keeps underestimating how vicious his adversaries are.

He should have just done it.

Like this:

Recruit a few hundred people to go to church on Sunday. Let them know they will be checked for fever, etc as they walk in.

Invite a reporter from each of the reputable networks with a large viewer base plus one from CNN to come in with a camera as long as they stay absolutely silent. Post large Secret Service agents to expel them if disrupt the lord's house.

They will have to cover it and they will have to stream it. They'll be hoping for churchgoers to drop dead from coronavirus as a karmic punishment for being Trump supporters. Imagine their going ape-shit over having to broadcast a sermon that isn't an infomercial!

Make it nice and early so people will have time to go to Easter service once they see Trump's example.

Afterward he could make the following speech:

"Today is the most important of all the sabbaths in the year. But I'll leave that to people with more knowledge than I to teach about. What I can tell you is that it is time to get back to work. Many of you are normally off Easter Monday, but we have already had plenty of time off. I propose that we all go back to work as soon as you can so we can save not only our individual financial situations, but the nation's all important economic health.

Enough is enough.

Then he can go to shaking hands and hugging his fellow churchgoers as they leave.
did that somehow make sense to you? are you sure your mom knows you are fooling around on her computer?
Dec 2015
He can turn the country back on any time he wants. He is showing the people how Obama care collapses when something big happens. Easter is an important day for people who are traditional.
So the virus (in your mind) is like a car radio?? If that's the case, then apparently it was Trump who chose to TURN IT ON in the first place. Did he do that in China too? Because he was pissed at Xi?
AND what does Obamacare have to do with the price of eggs? Everyone who needs it will be cared for. They certainly aren't going to be turned away if they test positive.
Easter is an important day?? Your brilliance really shines through on that little gem.
No kidding, says the Christian, Clara.
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Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
More proof that Judeo-Christianity psychologically manipulates its adherents by promoting shame, misery, submission, duty, and conformity.
Feb 2020
Restarting the economy on Easter would be very symbolic of how this has all played out.

I'm very neutral on the topic of religion on political forums so not at all trying to offend and Christians nor push Christianity.

The Democrats demanded that the economy be crucified and when Trump, like Pilate, hesitated they threatened his job, much like the leaders who threatened to write to the emperor that Pilate was letting Jesus live.

Trump did not wash his hands, though. He jumped in and pretended that all this is a good idea so he could save his job.

What did the religious leaders and Pilate do to revive Jesus after they partnered to crucify him? Nothing. Once Jesus was dead and His people took him down from the cross, his enemies forgot all about him.

He rose on his own divine power.

The free market economy is also very powerful. It isn't divine, so if you say it needs a little help, I'm fine with that. I hope it stays reasonable.

But if we want to revive it, the first step is to STOP POUNDING THE NAILS IN!