Trump Successfully Reduces Access to Healthcare

Dec 2016
Do you know what happens to candidates that speak the truth, that don't go negative, that believe the voters should get the facts and make their decision based on that?
They lose.
We have a system that favors lying sons of bitches over honest people.
Because there are a lot of people who like being lied to.
People who like being told they'd better off if we closed the border.
People who like being told that it's "those people" who are holding them back.
Because now their misery isn't their fault.
I've been reading so many Marxist theorists of late that I can't remember who said it, but one Marxist political science prof says that failure of liberalism is that it wants to view itself as populist...or representing the will and intentions of the majority of people/while holding those same people in contempt!
Your little screed sounds like proof of that notion.