trump to pay $2 million to settle trump Foundation lawsuit

Jul 2019
And yet several reporters have noticed that in the filed resolution papers Trump made a complete admission of guilt.

Among other things, $10.000.00 from the charity was used to buy a portrait of guess who to hang at Mar-a-Lago.
I'll never settle!
okay fine, I'll settle but I'm not guilty!
oh, settling means I'm admitting to guilt? liar!

the unintentionally hilarious side of trump is oft overlooked
Apr 2019

but the icing on the cake is this tweet from June 2018 regarding the lawsuit

Who cares? Pay the fine, case closed, move on. It is not an impeachable offense.
Feb 2018
How can his "base" remain loyal? He settled his Trump University problems by settling for a payment of $25 million, and now his crooked foundation was hauled into court for using CHARITY money to pay his business expenses and for other illegal uses, resulting in him settling by paying another $2 million. I mean the guy is a crook. He's a friggin mob boss. And his "base" stays with him. They have to be only listening to sources that won't tell them the truth. How stupid can people be? And when we come right down to it, the problem isn't so much Trump as it is his damned dumb "base". Mussolini would be proud.