Trump Wins Again

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
Facts are inherently conservatively biased
to you, the thing is to observe facts and then draw an observation, i'm not saying i dnot have bias or that i never cognitively cherry pick everyone does thta, but i am concious that i could be wrong and that i do have bias, and that i need to try to look at the facts first and then draw a conclusion not visa versa, you assume that since everyone possesses this flaw some how it is a correct way to view the world.. it is not.. hay everyone smokes weed everyone cheats on their wife and their taxes everyone sppeds on the freeway.. this is the definition of corruption it is how great cultures fall.. peope get fucking lazy.. too lazy to even think
Jul 2014
So how many days did it take to figure out the "Great Victory" was a "Great Big Nothingburger"?

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