Trumpian wall

Jun 2013
1. Commenting on Donald Trump's obsession with his "intangible, physical, tall, power, beautiful southern border wall" which causes the government shutdown, I coin the term "Trumpian wall" to mean the following:

(a) The barrier around a cradle or cot.

(b) The vertical part of a coffin.

(c) An obstacle or barrier to movement or progress

2. Here are some examples of the use of the new term:

(i) When the grave robber was about to open the coffin, he heard a knocking noise on the Trumpian wall.

(ii) You must beware lest your baby falls over the low Trumpian wall of the cot.

(iii) Before its miraculous parting by Moses, the Red Sea was a Trumpian wall to the Israelites in their exodus from Egypt.

(iv) For centuries before Columbus' first voyage in 1492, the Atlantic Ocean was a formidable Trumpian wall for Europeans to the Americas.

(v) The dispute over wall funding is the Trumpian wall to ending the government shutdown.

(vi) Donald Trump may never get his "intangible, physical, tall, power, beautiful southern border wall", but he can rest assured that, just like everybody else, he will get his Trumpian wall eventually.

3. I also coin the expression "hit the Trumpian wall" to mean the following:

(a) Lack of power to change or improve a situation.

(b) Erectile dysfunction.

4. Here are some examples of the use of the new term:

(i) The federal government hit the Trumpian wall when Congress and the White House failed to agree on the inclusion in an annual spending bill of $5.7 billion requested by President Trump for the construction of an additional 234 miles of fencing to be added to the existing security barrier along the US border with Mexico.

(ii) After ten years of marriage, they still have no children because the husband has hit the Trumpian wall.

(iii) Disputes and conflicts increase when human reason hits the Trumpian wall.

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