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Dr. Fauci Reports That Alcohol May Help People Survive Coronavirus Briefings

By Andy Borowitz
March 22, 2020

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “promising development,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that alcohol may help people survive the most severe effects of coronavirus briefings.

Noting that millions of Americans have been exposed to the daily briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Fauci said that he had voluntarily submitted to a preliminary trial of the alcohol-based therapy.

“What we have found is that a single dosage before the briefing and as much as a double dosage after the briefing do much to alleviate the most acute suffering,” Fauci said.

The esteemed virologist said that if Americans are able to administer additional doses during the briefings, “Consider yourself lucky.”

But, even as Fauci hailed the benefits of the new treatment, he sounded a note of caution. “The effect of this medication is temporary,” he said. “Sadly.”

Fauci’s findings are in line with anecdotal reports indicating that Americans have been alleviating symptoms in a similar manner since November, 2016.
Jul 2019
Trump should probably give a speech about not ingesting chlorine cleaner too because some idiot out there might be confused about that one as well. Oh and Tide pods too.
well that,
or just leave the medical advice to the professionals
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Yes. All his medical expertise are saying don't do it.
The President didn't say to do it either. There are many cases of stupid people, no matter the warnings who are killing themselves with off label use of drugs. Then there are those who consult the "internet experts" and run like lemmings at the first mention of a concoction designed to gorw hair or lose weight etc. It's impossible to keep people from doing that. In fact suicide is now becoming the accepted mode of death for many people. It's even legal in some states. If Trump had actually said out loud that no one should do these drugs on their own, would that make you happy of upset because he took away an excuse to bash him again?
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This is a perfect example of why not to believe everything you read.
Baloney forgot to mention that this isn't a true story. It's satire. Now is Baloney liable for car crashes, alcoholism, broken homes etc etc due to over drinking because there is no disclaimer on this article? While the New Yorker is a ghost of what it was some folks out there read it. (baloney detector?) The "every one knows it's not true" defense doesn't seem to work for Trump but does for the sub room temperature IQ loonies who do stupid suicidal things. "Every one knows" that there are no guarantees in life but om loonie is always trying to convince us that there is.
Jul 2015
well that,
or just leave the medical advice to the professionals
Yes leave the medical advice to the professionals but then of course he did not give medical advice. He made a responsible statement about new information that one found all over the news and on the internet about the use of this drug as a potential treatment for covid-19. He was correct in his statement. It is a statement he is allowed to make and he can go on TV and make it again and it would still be fine to say it. This drug still hold promise. But you guys are just seething at this president every little thing you can manage to twist and contort you will and then the echo chamber online and in the media repeats this garbage over and over until you guys think its a real thing. Its not of course. We have a real problem going on and you people on the Left think this is some funny game right on up to the Speaker of the House. Playing a game sneaking crap into a bill that is supposed to be about helping with the economic hardships Americans are facing with this virus and instead it has crap like the funding of the National Foundation of the arts and for the National Public Radio and the Kennedy Center and for increases in funding to the House of Representatives. Shame on the Democrat legislators and Shame on you all for playing stupid games with a national crisis.
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And Fauci keeps trying to walk the tightrope by saying variations of there is no proof it is of any benefit.

But I'm sure his admin lifespan can be measured in days now. The fool keeps telling the truth. As late as Mar 15th, Dopey Don was still saying they had it under control.

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