Trump's Foreign Business Holdings

Jun 2013
1. Corruption, it increasingly appears, is inseparable from authoritarianism. It's not just that people who run or are willing to join would-be autocratic regimes lack any kind of ethical principle. It's that the money greases the wheels of the machine....That increasingly appears to be the model the United States is pursuing, as Donald Trump, American president, oversees The Great American Heist.

After all, it's not just that the Cabinet is full of folks living high on the hog on the taxpayer dime, or ex-lobbyists who are basically gutting the agencies they run in ways that just happen to line up with the interests of the industries they're nominally tasked with regulating. It's that Trump himself has set about monetizing the nation's highest office at every turn, treating the Executive Branch like every other organization he's ever run....

A stunning new report from Anna Massoglia and Karl-Evers Hillstrom at OpenSecrets, published Tuesday night ( June 4, 2019 ), illustrates just how sprawling these violations could be.

Two years into his presidency, Donald Trump continues to make money from properties and licensing deals in nearly two dozen countries around the world, fanning the flames of concerns that the Trump administration is subject to unprecedented levels of foreign influence.

Trump continued to hold more than $130 million in foreign assets in a revocable trust as his second year in office came to a close, according to OpenSecrets’ analysis of the president’s most recent annual personal financial disclosure released by the Office of Government Ethics last month. Trump’s business entanglements continue to leave him with positions, assets, trademarks and other business interests in more than 30 countries....

2. After reading this article about "The Great American Heist", one cannot but wonder "what has gone wrong with American democracy". :upsidedown:

Nothing is more painful for anyone, unless he has achieved enlightenment like the Buddha, to discover that his folly has not only hurt others but himself in the end. Perhaps, it is time to take a good look at Trump's companies in China. :)

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