Trump's Newest Immigration Idea

Mar 2018
Donald Trump is offering a compromise with the left on immigration (as all of you know.) He will allow the foreigners to come here as long as the the Sanctuary Cities welcome them.

Donald Trump's proposal to move migrants into sanctuary cities raises logistical, legal issues

Some legal pundits claim this policy may be illegal; it's all about politics, etc., etc. Well, it's time the left did their part on this.

I have condemned Trump and his silly ass wall idea; stood up for the Rights of employers to hire the most qualified; defended Sanctuary Cities to invite whomever they choose to invite. I condemned forced citizenship and the power grab by Trump to declare a National Emergency in states where the state said no emergency exists.

Now, the left says that Trump allowing those states that have advocated to let foreigners in are claiming this action is illegal. How? I've stood on a consistent platform for the past few decades. If a state can invite whomever they want to come in and be present as a guest, I'm all for it. That means I'm also for the right of states to EXCLUDE some people.

Using the "house" analogy that both sides seem to like, if America is a "house" then each state represents a separate room in that house. Now if you let a guest come into your room, eat out of your refrigerator, and sleep in your bed, it does not obligate the people in other rooms to welcome your guest. So, how in the Hell can this be illegal?

Nancy Pelosi cannot force her guests into other states. I don't know about the rest of you, but this is the very kind of solution I've advocated for YEARS. All Trump is saying to the liberals is if you invite a guest in, they are welcome to your beer, but not everybody elses. I don't see a problem here. It's a great solution... unless the liberals are changing course and saying foreigners aren't welcome because she can't afford them after all.

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