Trump's political ads

Jul 2014
So the plan is for the fat orange liar, to lie, because stupid people believe him and there are enough stupid people out there to reelect the fat orange liar


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Apr 2013
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there's a lot of old gullible people on Facebook, so why not?
I just read that the demographics of facebook users is shifting to seriously old farts.

  • 51% of 13-17 year olds use Facebook.
  • 81% of 18-29 year olds use Facebook.
  • 78% of 30-49 year olds use Facebook.
  • 65% of 50-64 year olds use Facebook.
  • 41% of 65+ year olds use Facebook.
And the apex of the curve is rapidly moving to the right.

This source isn't the same as I first saw. That one said that if you factor in time spent on it, the old farts win.

Social media demographics to drive your brand’s online presence
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Aug 2018
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Just curious; if you guys had the power to ban any Republican ads, so all we'd see is Democrat ads, would you do it?