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Jul 2019
An Oral History of Trump’s Bigotry

this is an incredibly thorough piece, and I want to take it on, one issue at a time in order

The first quotation from Donald Trump ever to appear in The New York Times came on October 16, 1973. Trump was responding to charges filed by the Justice Department alleging racial bias at his family’s real-estate company. “They are absolutely ridiculous,” Trump said of the charges. “We have never discriminated, and we never would.”
well. the DOJ said you did. and you settled the case (tried to sue the DOJ later for false allegations, but that case was dismissed)

(going to do my best to post non-paywall'd supplemental sources)

Decades-Old Housing Discrimination Case Plagues Donald Trump

The Justice Department sued Donald Trump, his father, Fred, and Trump Management in order to obtain a settlement in which Trump and his father would promise not to discriminate. The case eventually was settled two years later after Trump tried to countersue the Justice Department for $100 million for making false statements. Those allegations were dismissed by the court.
Aug 2019
De Congo
Show us how it's done and become a landlord of a multi-unit apartment house in a 90% Black area.
Lead by example and put your money where your mouth [yo' mouf] is.
Jul 2019
Show us how it's done and become a landlord of a multi-unit apartment house in a 90% Black area.
Lead by example and put your money where your mouth [yo' mouf] is.
funny you mention that.

my dad got his career start as a house painter. while working he decided to purchase old houses, fix them up and rent them. In middle Georgia, so feel free to look up the demographics. he had at least 20 houses most of the time. He took me to work on them during the summers when I was a kid (funny story, he's a huge Republican, and this was when I was exposed to Rush Limbaugh hate radio)

he never discriminated. it's not hard

in fact, he evolved to purchasing old houses in bad neighborhoods, flipping them, and selling them. Still does, and now that he's getting older, I handle a lot of the management for that for him. He's got several projects in Macon, and I'm fielding the calls. And guess what? I don't discriminate. It's easy.

thanks for asking.
Jul 2019
back to the topic at hand (continuing on with the Atlantic piece)

still regarding trump's housing discrimination

I. “You Don’t Want to Live With Them Either”

The Justice Department’s 1973 lawsuit against Trump Management Company focused on 39 properties in New York City. The government alleged that employees were directed to tell African American lease applicants that there were no open apartments. Company policy, according to an employee quoted in court documents, was to rent only to “Jews and executives.”

Operation Open City was the DOJ's operation, where they would send a white couple and a couple of color to try to rent apartments in the city.

After the DOJ brought their case against trump, trump's hired man, Roy Cohn turned around and sued the DOJ for $100 million, and of course lost

During one of the breaks donald trump told Elyse Goldweber (the prosecutor)“You know, you don’t want to live with them either.”

buttweight there's more

BARBARA RES: We met with the architect to go over the elevator-cab interiors at Trump Tower, and there were little dots next to the numbers. Trump asked what the dots were, and the architect said, “It’s braille.” Trump was upset by that. He said, “Get rid of it.” The architect said, “I’m sorry; it’s the law.” This was before the Americans With Disabilities Act, but New York City had a law. Trump’s exact words were: “No blind people are going to live in this building.”
May 2019
Nobody's Reading It

The Only Thing Being Debunked
Are All The Allegations Being Directed At Trump
Hoping Hot Air Carries Over To The Polls Next Year
Newp. I just surveyed literally everyone on Earth, and 98.55% of all humanity has read it.
And it's fun to watch you break down in tears claiming allegations against twump have been debunked when you cannot cite even one.
Sucks to be you!
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