Trump's tax plan is nothing but a smoke screen to make the rich richer.

May 2016
Anywhereiam, USA
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"Trump’s new tax “plan” (more like an extremely vague plan for a plan) is an irresponsible, shameless, budget-busting gift to zillionaires like himself.

This isn’t about “jobs,” as the White House claims. If it were, it might cut employment taxes, which genuinely do discourage hiring. Rather, it’s about huge payouts to the wealthiest Americans — and deficits be damned! If Republicans embrace this “plan” after all their hand-wringing about deficits and debt, we should build a Grand Monument to Hypocrisy in their honor.

President Trump’s tax plan is specifically designed to eliminate what little tax he already does pay. His released 2005 tax return shows that the paid $31 million through the AMT tax, which is one of the taxes that just so happened to be specifically targeted for elimination."
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Sep 2015
More funneling workers earnings to capitalist fascists. I agree with the right wing on tax reform. No more taxes. The state has all the wealth and redistributes to each according to their need. See, tax problem solved comrade.

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