Jun 2013
1. One the one hand, the US tries to separate the Huawei saga from the US-China trade talks. On the other hand, the US accuses Huawei of spying for the Chinese military or security services. Using an analogy, while suing Simon for "cheating" his company at his father's behest, the businessman tried to separate the "cheating" case in his business talks with his father.

In view of this, I coin the term "trumptalk" to mean the following:

(a) As a noun, to mean "double-talk” or “a contradictory or illogical remark".

(b) As a verb, to mean "engaging in double-talk" or “employing a double standard” or “speaking contradictorily or illogically".

2. Here are some examples of the use of the new term.

(i) In his trumptalk, Donald Trump called India his “true friend and partner” while labelling it as a "tariff king".

(ii) In his trumptalk, the plaintiff said that he had faith in his best friend's honesty while accusing him of adultery with his wife.

(iii) The jealous man trumptalked that he had full confidence in his wife's love but expressed displeasure whenever she smiled at other men.

(iv) The employer trumptalked that his staff had earned a lot of money for his company but he could not afford to award them with a year-end bonus or increase their wages.

(v) While trumptalking about upholding the rule of law, the US threatened to retaliate and impose sanctions – even seeking to criminally prosecute ICC officials – if the International Criminal Court formally proceeded with opening an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by US military and intelligence staff during the war in Afghanistan or pursued any investigation into Israel or other US allies.

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