Two Wyoming coal mines close, send 700 workers home after bankruptcy filing


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Oct 2010
Nuclear is the only forever option. Solar is a disaster in the making once all those panels start piling up in landfills. It also requires a lot of land that damages habitat, and birds burst into flames flying over them.
That's funny and as for the birds, you're just wrong. Every hear of recycling? Any wise solar geveration scheme will recycle the rare earth elements. We're not there yet.

Breeder reactors and thorium reactors do have promise.
Jul 2018
Nuclear is the only forever option. Solar is a disaster in the making once all those panels start piling up in landfills. It also requires a lot of land that damages habitat, and birds burst into flames flying over them.
When times get tough we can always use the fuel they used during biblical days to cook with.

Ezekiel 4:12 (TLB) = "Each day take flour from the barrel and prepare it as you would barley cakes. While all the people are watching, bake it over a fire, using dried human dung as fuel, and eat it."
Mar 2013
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I’d like to more with the solar mirror technology. No rare earths required. They aim curved mirrors at a collector that heats water, makes steam to turn the turbines. Very clean. Panels don’t wear out so no recycling issues. It does take some land tho.
Jul 2018
Do you have any idea of what will happen to industry without coal? It will collapse. Say hello to a major economic depression.

What Is a List of Things Made From Coal?
"Thousands of products are made with coal or coal by-products, including aspirins, soap, dyes, solvents, plastics, and fibers such as rayon or nylon. Coal is an important ingredient in production of products that require activated carbon, carbon fiber or silicon metal. Activated carbon is an essential ingredient in the production of air purification and water filters as well as kidney dialysis machines."
Sep 2018
I’d like to more with the solar mirror technology
Shutdown of World’s Largest Solar Plant After Mirror Fire
It Wasn't Performing Up To Production Promises
Not Even In The Desert
Also To Mention It's A Giant Bird Roaster

GE Shut Down It's Natural Gas Fired Plant 20yrs Early
GE Shuts Down California Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant 20 Years Early
GE said that retrofitting the plant with the newer turbines “is not economically feasible” in part due to market and regulatory conditions that may “preclude” California utilities “from purchasing energy from fossil fuel plants.” Only one other plant, in Wales, uses the older H-class turbines, and GE now calls this an “orphan technology” that it will no longer support or make spare parts for.

Natural Gas Plants Are An 'Orphan Technology' ??

There's Good News For Wind Power In The Article
They Are Creating Battery Storage Farms
I Guess Not All Farms Generate AC ??
Watch For A Sulfuric Acid Disaster
Wind Farms Will Still Slaughter Wildlife, Tho...
Bat Killings by Wind Energy Turbines Continue
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Dec 2018
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For anyone who gives the least little bit about inhaling clean air and rising temperatures, here's some good news:

EIA expects total U.S. coal consumption in 2018 to fall to 691 million short tons (MMst), a 4% decline from 2017 and the lowest level since 1979. U.S. coal consumption has been falling since its peak in 2007, and EIA forecasts that 2018 coal consumption will be 437 MMst (44%) lower than 2007 levels, mainly driven by declines in coal use in the electric power sector.

The electric power sector is the nation’s largest consumer of coal, accounting for 93% of total U.S. coal consumption between 2007 and 2018. The decline in coal consumption since 2007 is the result of both the retirements of coal-fired power plants and the decreases in the capacity factors, or utilization, of coal plants as increased competition from natural gas and renewable sources have reduced coal’s market share. ...

... U.S. coal consumption in 2018 expected to be the lowest in 39 years - Today in Energy - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
Jun 2019
Pure out-of-pocket expense that ain't in the companies' pockets. It's in the taxpayers' clean, beautiful pockets.

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Just lovely, isn't it?

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The really sad part is they're doing this to the beautiful mountain tops in the Appalachian Mountain tops, last checked 500 of them. I say let the people out of work, work for a garbage recycling plant for reusable energy, a win-win scenario.
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