U.S. National Debt


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Nov 2005
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That is scary.

The government estimates must be based on the assumption that our next Presidents will continue to use the current ecomonic structure.

Change is needed. Hopefully we'll get it.
Sep 2005
It is the second graph which we need to be concerned about: the graph of debt vs. GDP. The first graph does not factor in inflation. Though the national debt appears to increase exponentially, the value of the dollar is also decreasing exponentially.

Here is another view of Tadpole's second graph:

I think these graphs make the effects of cutting taxes without cutting spending very clear.


Sally Numor said:
Well, seriously, this is not good news. I mean, with the rise in corporate welfare, offshore accounts...we, the people will bear the burden...but I have it all figured out...LOL!!!!

Bush is going to change us into the North American Union, get rid of the dollar and create a new currency...anyone agree?

Independent Task Force on North America - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Personally, I believe that unless this country adopts another tax plan (like the Fair Tax), then we are all in trouble. . .
Aug 2006
I don't like Fair Tax, as it's never shown to be fair, IMHO, but I certainly agree we need to adopt a tax plan that does not allow offshore accounts or any corporation transferring to Dubai to take tax dollars with it...

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