U.S. Women's Soccer: We've got one more to go!

Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
Then let the argument be such. Gender should not be the issue. However, for the Feminist movement to succeed it has to be the centerfold. And do you know what is losing? The family, and morality.

And how exactly is women asking for equal pay for equal work harming the family and morality ?? Is it because those women can support themselves and don't have to depend on some abusive asshole for their support ??
Nov 2012
The next time someone claims that WOMEN are paid equal to men in this country, point to the U.S. Women's Soccer Team:
USA World Cup win proves female players deserve equal pay, team says - CNN

The US Women's National Team sealed the deal with its fourth stunning victory Sunday at the World Cup, but the players are still fighting another battle back home.
The soccer team's 2-0 victory against the Netherlands proved that the US women are still at the top of the game -- and, the athletes say, that they should be paid as equal to men.
"At this moment of tremendous pride for America, the sad equation remains all too clear, and Americans won't stand for it anymore. These athletes generate more revenue and garner higher TV ratings but get paid less simply because they are women," said Molly Levinson, spokeswoman for the USWNT players in their equal pay lawsuit.
"It is time for the Federation to correct this disparity once and for all."
During the celebrations Sunday, the crowd at the soccer stadium in Lyon chanted, "Equal pay" in support of the women's efforts.
Looks like the girls won the world this week Clara.
Jun 2018
La Pine, Oregon
I am only going to address this issue one more time because the ignorance being shown here is getting out of hand, and obviously you people do not mind making fools of yourself as Claras misandrist comment clearly demonstrates.

The issue here is all about money, nothing else. The women make more for the organization so demand more for their labor. Fine. They earned it they should get it. Problem is though, when they signed on to the team they agreed to a certain amount of pay. Now they want more. Don't like it? Then quit, leave, skedaddle, and see how long it takes to replace them with another winning team.

This whole deal kind of reminds me of two other times in the history of the country with similar issues, Being the old fart I am, I can remember when men opened doors for women, paid for the meal if they went on a date, walked on the street side if they were walking, gave up the seat on a bus for a woman, never cussed in front of a woman, and the list goes on. It was called "respect". During this same time the man was expected to care for the woman, and the family, financially. The mother was expected to care for the home, and the spiritual needs of the family. Out of this came the "Greatest Generation on Earth".

Then came a great swelling among the people. No longer were men to be the providers. They were most often called "slave masters", and the stay at home mother was the slave. Of course, the child was no longer someone to be protected, that then became a "parasite" that the woman (no longer a mother). The "father" was no more then a sperm donor with no rights. To be a homemaker was the same as being a tenant/sex slave with no wages. Of course, "All Mens" clubs were to be outlawed. Women accused men of wanting to keep them "barefoot and pregnant". There was no intellectual thought given to the difference, and importance of, gender roles in the family, and society as a whole.

So, what do we have now. We have "latchkey" kids who have little to no supervision. We have a society where homeless children are accepted as a reality, and as normal. We have kids dying on a daily basis from abortion, and drug overdoses. We have a failed education system, and again the list goes on.

The agenda of the Feminist misandrist takes a step forward each time they can pursue a legal action such as this rather then treat the issue as trade unions have for decades. It is not about sex, gender, or any related topic. It is about selling your skills to the highest bidder. It is not about selling the matriarchal society so many misandrists have desired.
Jun 2018
La Pine, Oregon
Oh for god's sake. So women being paid equally for equal work is making the "family" and "morality" "lose"?

In this particular case, it is indeed about gender, as any other justification for paying these women less does not exist.
Except for the profit motive, and cheap labor.
Sep 2015
Stage Left
Then let the argument be such. Gender should not be the issue. However, for the Feminist movement to succeed it has to be the centerfold. And do you know what is losing? The family, and morality.
all of your posts have been misogynistic BS. this one really gets to the reason why you are such a fucking moron.....

how can anyone be so stupid? it IS about gender equality, which strengthens families and morality.

get a fucking grip.
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