UK Will Not Prosecute Returning ISIS Terrorists From Syria and Iraq

Aug 2017
A top UK official told the BBC last week that ISIS terrorists from the UK returning from Syria and Iraq will not be prosecuted. Instead, the government will try to reintegrate them back into society because they were "naive" when they joined the genocidal terrorist group.

This came just two days after the chief of the UK's MI5 spy service gave a rare speech warning that the terrorism threat was higher than he had ever seen.

You can't fix stupid.
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Mar 2008
you may well find america does the same. partly the returning ISIS soldiers probably havent committed any crime according to american law. although, american law makers might retrospectively make up a crime and arrest them anyway, thats happened before.

also, there are enough useful idiots in america to push such a policy into effect. they will probably recruit islamic scholars and islamic community leaders to help reintegrate them. not realising it was these very people who radialised them in the first place.
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