Ukraine provides information on Russian net of agents in Kosovo

Jun 2019

Mass arrests in the framework of fighting illegal trade in Serbian enclaves in Kosovo drew attention of all international media. The full combat readiness of the Serbian Army at the background of police clashes with Serbian minorities is interpreted by many journalists and experts as the start of the most serious conflict in the region in the recent years.

After Belgrade and Pristina exchanged sharp accusations the EU immediately responded and called upon the parts to "be patient for the sake of managing the conflict". Particularly, for the authorities of Kosovo it means preparation of detailed explanations how come ROSU special force showed up in places populated by the Serbs. According to the Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, it refers to a police operation setting out fight against criminal underworld and a linked necessity to arrest people involved in an Albanian policeman's murder.

It is noteworthy that when providing investigation and headline-making operations Kosovars actively fall back on international partners' support. The Security Service of Ukraine is among the international special services that hand out advice in Pristina. The recent details of Kosovo cooperation with Ukraine are told by an SBU officer in his Telegram channel . According to him, at the moment Kiev is actively checking out information about the Serbs involved in the conflict in Donbas and is trying to link them with events in the North of Kosovo. The SBU officer hints the data about the Serbs might be intentionally adjusted and distorted to make it easier for Pristina to call them the Russian agents who provoke conflicts in the region. Using the exchange of information with Kiev the Albanians will find a good explanation to their actions in the Serbian enclaves. The SBU in turn expects to demonstrate professionalism to the new bosses in Kiev by finding out just another evidence of international crimes of the Kremlin.