US Bombed Flint, Michigan

Feb 2014
This is very old news that Michael Moore exposed in his movie Fahrenheit 911, but I just found out about it last night and I am outraged. What happened to Flint's water supply is a crime against children and nothing was done about it, but instead of fixing the problem, Flint, Michigan was bombed. ABC covered the bombing with a whitewash of what happened, saying the bombs falling on Michigan was only a mechanical error and harmless because they weren't real bombs but just training bombs that appeared to people on the ground to be real bombs. I am no longer tolerant of Obama because of how he handled the water problem and the bombing of Flint Michigan. This is what the internet says about the movie.

Filmmaker Michael Moore predicted that Donald Trump would become the 45th president of the United States. Traveling across the country, Moore interviews American citizens to get a sense of the social, economic and political impact of Trump's victory. Moore also takes an in-depth look at voting, the Electoral College, the government agenda, the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., and the water crisis in his hometown of Flint, Mich.
Release date: September 21, 2018
I think this year I will become more politically active than I have been in many years. I would like to see so much pressure put on the government to compensate the people in Flint, Michigan that we the people can have a sense of having some political power.
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