vegan socialist hippie

Aug 2018
I'm from an another dimension
so I don't spit rhymes for love or attention
ayahuasca is my mother and best friend
I drink it till' I reach utter ascension
my clear mind was colored with lessons
after it was practically smothered in questions
I smoke huge blunts till' my fingers are covered in resin
and I am encumbered and bed ridden
I don't do drugs that are not from the earth, no meth hidden
in my place, but I got the best frickin' boat and it's currently being test driven

I had sex with a dog once, my mom wasn't proud of me
she said when I was born she should have put me in a box, let me drift out to sea

so when I think of my mom, mate
I need to take a long bong break
in fact this songs straight
out of the mind of a man who just smoked his whole lawn, mate

my chakras vibrate
till' they knock a sky scraper
down, do not violate
I take DMT till' I see backwards and watch my own eyes dilate
you're not quite safe
cause' I'm more or less a deranged primate
I hang out with coyotes and hunt ice wraiths
then fly through a celestial sky-gate