Venezuela enters fourth day of blackout as Maduro blames U.S. cyberattack

Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
It's proof that capitalism is an evil, avaricious economic system that profits and increases in power from death and destruction! Even real socialist nations will have a difficult time surviving, while surrounding capitalist forces plot their destruction so they can harvest their resources for profit!
Capitalism is evil, when Capitalist countries are keeping their citizens fed, people earning good wages..

Socialist Counties, oppress their citizens, Kill them in many cases, close hospitals, shut down utilities,

I am sorry that socialism has failed every where it has been tried, even in Europe we are seeing rebellion against the evils of socialism the Paris riots most recently.
Dec 2016
Capitalism is evil, when Capitalist countries are keeping their citizens fed, people earning good wages..

Socialist Counties, oppress their citizens, Kill them in many cases, close hospitals, shut down utilities,
The United States is one of the world’s richest and most powerful and technologically innovative countries; but neither its wealth nor its power nor its technology is being harnessed to address the situation in which 40 million people continue to live in poverty.

Poor socialist nations like Cuba provide far better healthcare for their people than the US does, so that doesn't even deserve consideration!

When it comes to food, I want to go into this in greater depth, but offhand, capitalist motivations and principles in food production and distribution are big reasons why what NGO World politely calls "food insecurity" (because they're too polite to say people are starving!) is increasing! Fact is that Big Ag is destroying the environment in food growing regions, yields are declining while populations are still going up, and prices keep increasing, so that...under capitalist principles, the rich minority can enjoy expensive food in expensive restaurants and food distribution is so corrupt and debased under capitalism that half of the food produced is thrown away and discarded!
Agribusiness Is the Problem, Not the Solution
Malthus’ Ghost Returns

The early 2008 food price crisis has often been wrongly associated with the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. The number of hungry in the world was said to have risen to over a billion, feeding a resurgence of neo-Malthusianism.​
Agribusiness advocates fed such fears, insisting that food production must double by 2050, and high-yielding industrial agriculture, under the auspices of agribusiness, is the only solution. In fact, the world is mainly fed by hundreds of millions of small-scale, often called family farmers who produce over two-thirds of developing countries’ food.​
Contrary to conventional wisdom, neither food scarcity nor poor physical access are the main causes of food insecurity and hunger. Instead, Reuters has observed a “global grain glut,” with surplus cereal stocks piling up.​
What was that again about "capitalist countries keeping their citizens fed?"

I am sorry that socialism has failed every where it has been tried, even in Europe we are seeing rebellion against the evils of socialism the Paris riots most recently.
The Paris Commune of 1874 was the last socialist government in France! So, once again I get fed up trying to talk to rightwingers who call everything that isn't complete obeisance to oligarchic rule - "socialism." Since you want to expand the stage to examine capitalism vs. socialism again, I want to draw the distinctions between Real socialism the 21st century vs. genocidal capitalism you advocate for, and liberalized, moderated capitalism neither of us have any use for!

You're too used to arguing with liberals who want half-baked, liberalized capitalism that they think they can control/but inevitably, the greedy and ruthless seize the levers of power from the peaceful, moderate liberal dolts when they get booted out of positions (such as in academia) where they have any power and influence. What I'm talking about is Real Revolution from the working classes getting organized and realizing that those who oppress and impoverish them cannot be bargained with! The capitalist class may have moderates who would like to exert a lighter touch, But when push comes to shove, if their bottom line depends on grinding more people down in the 3rd world, western allies and America itself! Even worse, the same forces of capitalism are at war with the very environment we all live and depend upon for survival! So, socialism in the 21st century means not getting sucked into the game of the 20th century: competing to produce equal or equivalent amounts of consumer products for the people. The new reality means that the nations of this world need to think long term....very long term, about the use of resources...especially non-renewable resources that, once taken out of the ground, are mostly lost as either wastes or dissipated into the environment. ALL production of basic needs- food, shelter, clothing and whatever luxuries can be accommodated by Mother Earth, must be done within the Carrying Capacity limits of the biosphere! Anything more, means that nature must be paid back, while failure to do so, means the extinction cycle already under way continues to expand until it annihilates the supposed 'intelligent' life forms who for 300 years of 'enlightenment' thinking, thought they had become smart enough to break nature's cycles and limits, and will likely learn the truth when it's already too late to do anything about it!

It's not like this is how it had to happen! For most of human existence, most simple societies lived in close awareness of their local environment's rules and how to hunt, fish, grow food and find or produce material for clothing etc. without taking out too much and having nothing for the following year. In agriculture, basic natural limits were respected until Big Agribusiness began after WWII. Small holder farmers like my father and earlier generations understood the importance of building soil and keeping soil healthy, then when crop rotation was replaced by pouring on oil-based fertilizers and spraying insecticides, it would seem capitalist principles of applying technology to force nature's hand had won the day. But, the small farmers who were gradually forced out of business if they would not/or could not expand their farms and grow larger, were already dubious about the new "green revolution" overtaking them. My father had no degrees in biology or chemistry, but he intuitively understood that the food itself was changing! Long before anyone used terms like "organic" agriculture to extract higher prices with, they understood fruits, grains and vegetables were literally losing their taste and smell, and knew whatever was happening to food wasn't good! Now, we understand that soils in all of the world's primary agricultural zones are almost completely burned off or lost and oil-based nitrogen-fixed fertilizers can't put back all of the nutrients that are supposed to be in our food, but minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and nutrients barely understood, are all vanishing from our food supply. This is believed to be the major cause to auto-immune diseases, cancers, and other diseases and ailments that are increasing in our time of 'prosperity.'

All of these things are facets of capitalist forces running rampant and allowing the drive for increased profits to determine everything about our economies and politics. Agribusiness started going global back in 1970, when Norman Borlaugh's so called and loudly announced Green Revolution was declared to be the fix for poverty and malnutrition around the world. It certainly increased production of cheap grains, but at a cost of destroying local agriculture all over the 'undeveloped' world; so that today, the food crisis that is building, is global in scale and becoming an ever-increasing factor in mass migrations. Murderous right wing leaders and policymakers have been aware of this trend for the past 20 years! Since it was back in 2000 that the CIA Handbook was producing reports about how the climate crisis was going to destroy agriculture around the global south in the coming decades and spur mass migrations. So, I'll assume that the reason why the same policymakers haven't offered to do anything about it other than build walls and sink migrant boats in the Mediterranean, is because the solution for the problem of mass migration from Sub-Sahel Africa, Bangladesh, and Latin America, is just to try to keep them all in place and kill them if they break through barriers! Any 'libs' or people with conscience who object to this, will be handled in the same way that Wall opponents are handled today: Are you just going to allow them to INVADE us? This is how the objections are already handled by supposedly christian extreme rightwingers, and the fact that millions already on the march from US allies like Columbia, Honduras, Guatemala, and other fascist US vassal states, is a big reason why the threat that forcing through regime change in Venezuela will lead to civil war and mass exodus, has no effect on Trumpublicans now.
Dec 2018
New England
UMMMM, prove those last two microdot countries are better off today first! Kuwait's sitting on oil, and Japan and Germany! That was a long fucking time ago! How's the regime change track record of the past 50 years?
You asked the question and I answered it. Quibbling with one or two of the five listed when all you asked for was "ANY" is pointless.

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