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Japheth, or Yepheth, a son of Noah.

What does Japheth or Yepheth mean?

The meaning of the name Yafet/Yefet (יָפֶת or יֶפֶת) is disputable. There are two possible sources to the meaning of the name.[5]

  • From Aramaic root פתה, meaning to extend. In which case, the name would mean may He extend (Rashi).
  • From Hebrew root יפה, meaning beauty. In which case, the name would mean beautiful.

Japheth - Wikipedia

But to 'extend beauty', or 'beautiful', would probably not be too correct seeing that 'globalization' in the eyes of 'their' beauty is what would be sought after. So rather to think that Japheth or Yepheth to 'extend beautiful-ness' to those they meet and encounter, as in friendliness and a 'form' of representations of 'true' beauty, such as 'men being men' in cordiality and uprightness in the Way, etc... might mean more of what Japheth, or Yepheth, which was and is a representative of Noah, his parent as well as of Shem and Ham, his other 'brothers, might be, could be what Japheth, or Yepheth, might mean.

And isn't that just a 'beautiful' thing to do... ? ... :)

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