Vindman fired from White House position.

Jul 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
If anyone doubts that Trump is a childish, vindictive asshole they can stop doubting.

May 2018
On the other hand, the truth will set you free. I can't help but think Vindman feels relieved, but also betrayed by his country.

If I were him, I'd be careful where I ate and not go anywhere alone. He could get Epsteined.
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Dec 2019
Utah, USA
He was leaving at the end of February anyway, so I don't think this matters that much.
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Dec 2015
There will be many others being targeted for speaking going forward....whistle blowing is no longer safe.

Welcome to the "Brave New World" will be getting much worse eventually.
You are so right. Wait and watch. ANYONE who testified will have a target on their back. Anyone who even hinted at being on the opposing team will be at the mercy of Baby Trump. Anyone related to the targets will be a victim. AND the RW cheers! This is the kind of America they want.
The president is unleashed. BEWARE, Republicans. You've created a monster. Own it. AND don't be surprised if that monster turns on you too. Because he will.
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Feb 2020
dfw, texas
remember this from the Parnas tape when he told trump Ambassador Yovanovitch was too honest to go along with rudy's and trump's crap in Ukraine, and trump said, "Take her out....get rid of it now?" And how slimy fake christian ass-kisser Pompeo, the alleged head of the State Dept., did not publicly praise her service, give her any support, any comfort, just went along with the public "execution" like a good little henchman?
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