Violence against Women is everywhere.

Aug 2013
Back to the topic, I haven't really researched the issue of whether violence against women is getting worse now, or is in decline, but anecdotally I'm getting the impression that as our culture becomes more competitive, more divided and stratified by income, more aggressive and hostile largely as a result of increasing poverty and growing debt, that the culture is more dangerous and hostile for women in general. There seems to be a lot more excuses made for rape and domestic violence than there was a few years ago.
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Nov 2012
Gamma Solaris
A liberal womans womb is like a little Auschwitz!

Women sometimes understand that...although their lover (so-called) has made her pregnant...she's not wanted and neither is the baby. Poor solutions usually follow poor choices.
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Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
LOL!! As if there aren't many, many women who are republicans who have had abortions. That is hysterical.
So the GOP is more of a Big Tent than the Democrat party, they allow both views

They allow Pro-life and Pro-Choice an open microphone at their conventions.

Thanks, Tables for making the "democrat party" the "Naziesque Party"

You Vill Toe Ze Line or we Silence you.