Walmart ISD? Really?

Feb 2020
My wife was at a Walmart and she overheard a man say that "Walmart ISD is hiring." To us, as teachers, "ISD" stands for independent school district. I thought, 'they named a school district after Walmart?

Turned out "ISD" for Walmart is "Information Systems Division" which makes sense they would be hiring right now.

But then I thought what an awesome idea it would be for a school district to sell naming rights to a sponsor like Walmart. Government sponsored municipal stadiums and arenas to that. In Houston we have the Toyota Center, NRG Stadium, Minute Maid Park, etc.

But a school district might milk even more money out of it if Ford wanted to make sure that Ford ISD outperformed Dodge ISD. Dodge would surely react by spending more also.

That's an idea that both libertarians and liberals can get on board with, if I'm not mistaken?