War on Drugs is a Joke

May 2018
I'm about to eat some pretzels myself

It's decriminalized here, but unfortunately we don't have dispensaries. Wish they'd make it medical because I'd be first in line for a card, and given my medical history they'd be all "yes, here you go"

I really really need to go pick up some everclear so I can make some tincture. I can't make it when I have my son because you gotta decarb and that kind of gets the house smelling like Willie Nelson's tour bus. He's at the grandparents for the week, so now's the time.
By all means, go for it! And yeah, it really was pretty simple. My doc just filled out a form and gave it to me. I just have to finish filling out the online application and I'm good. It really has blown my mind how this helped so much. I hate to use the word "miracle" but that's what it feels like after years of dealing with the pain of bloating. The meds my doc gave me got rid of the acid reflux, which was great, but nothing worked for the bloating until this. I guess it has something to do with receptors in the gut that are out of balance and the pot gets it back in balance:

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Jul 2019
I think your buddy was blowing smoke up your nether parts. CBD is an oil that is extracted from pot plants. And then to get legal it has to have THC removed. There are some high THC oils around but this is different.

Anyway, it's an oil. I don't think you can make a powder out of it.
I thought they were full of it as well, but apparently it's a thing

now, if they got it off a truck in NOLA, who knows, might have been weed, but the buds looked like what I consider mids. Not beautiful, pretty loose. Didn't try so I have no idea what it really was

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Jan 2015
Everything I have read about CBD oil is that it doesn't give a high. It doesn't contain meaningful amounts of THC, the molecule that causes the high.

In the UK, CBD oil is legal if its THC content is less than 0.02% but pot is still illegal.
yes, CBD isn't the same as THC.
you can't get high from CBD, I don't care what anyone says
you may get more relaxed and feel less pain, but you won't get stoned

CBD is legal here, but I think it has to be a very very small percentage. CBD doesn't really do the trick for me, though someone gave me some CBD gummies one time that gave me the best sleep of my life (not sure where they come from). Every other time I tried it, nada.
It’s still weed