Warren Embraces Inslee's Climate Change Plan

Jul 2019
NO, military spending is NOT a separate issue!
1. America's military spending juggernaut has excused continual military provocations during the Cold War and continues on today! The entire world at risk of extinction today because the weapons makers and their employees in the DOD, the White House and Congress have decided that War On Terror is not achieving levels of profitablility they demand. So, they have fire up the Cold War with Russia and China's supposed threats to US security and unravelled all of the nuclear control threaties that were signed in the 70's. Right now the entire world is on hair trigger alert for nuclear extinction because the US Government has continued to work towards launching a surprise attack first strike against Russia and disabling any attempted Russian counter-attacks. Nevermind the risks of nuclear contamination and death going beyond any Russian theater, all it takes is one or two of Russia's hydrogen bombs to hit cities in the US and its the end of the USA even if the war stops short of launching every available nuke. But, who in Congress is focused and trying to draw public attention on this existential risk today, that the rest of the world is aware of, except Americans, who seem completely ignorant to the hightened risks of nuclear annihilation!

2. And then there's the costs of the MIC, partially picked up by foreign despots, but mostly a monstrous and growing cost to Americans who have to face cuts to domestic spending priorities, which will soon include Medicare and Social Security also. Many Dems may decry any spending cuts/while authorizing everything on the Pentagon wishlist.

3. Until any so called progressives, including Bernie and johnny-come-latelys like Warren tell us if they are willing to cut into defense appropriations to fund their domestic goals, they are just uttering platitudes that will not be followed up with policy if they are elected!
yeah but I've already told you Warren has a plan to fund the climate plan, and it doesn't involve cutting military expenses
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Jul 2019
I like how this plan includes soil management and agriculture reform. I think a few Dem candidates have adopted that, thanks to Inslee
Dec 2016
YUP! AND I'm old enough to know that the game NEVER changes, but the PLAYERS do. Tulsi is OUT. Warren is IN. WE play the GAME with the candidates we have---NOT the ones we WISH WE HAD. The process may be a sham but it's the only ONE IN PLAY and I can't change that.
You have been preaching Gabbard--a lackluster milquetoast candidate- for months. Don't pretend otherwise. The goal is to DUMP DONNY at all costs. If Warren can do it........then I'm supporting Warren--financially and in every other way. The fact that I think she's a fighter-- brilliant, organized, experienced and a HUMAN BEING with a heart.....well...that helps.
AND BTW, Warren and Sanders are VERY good friends. When asked, Warren told Anderson Cooper, “Bernie and I have been friends forever, long before I ever got involved in politics, I went up to Vermont and did town halls with Bernie. I’ve given Bernie much of my work when the housing crash was coming. So I’m always glad to be anywhere with Bernie.”
They may not agree on everything, but they are a team. I wouldn't be surprised if Warren is also chummy with the other candidates and who knows? She may have a WHOLE cabinet full of 2020 presidential candidates.
DUMP DONNY AT ALL COSTS.........................and replace him with another uninspiring Democrat who will serve the interests of the rich and powerful and have nothing to offer working class Americans spiralling into bankruptcy from medical debts, university debts and rising costs of real estate....because that's where investors of all sizes now have to park their holdings. Meanwhile, nothing of substance will be done about a collapsing ecology, increasing waves of environmental refugees from the global south, and an increasing threat of nuclear war, because only one Democrat still standing has given any pushback to the rich and powerful evil forces who would rather suicide the entire world than lose profit opportunities from ending the nuclear arms race and the threat of instant nuclear extinction! This last one is the worst, because unlike other dilemmas, there was at one time bipartisan agreement on ending and drawing down the threat of nuclear annihilation!
Jul 2019
warren came out against fracking too, as in wants to completely ban it

I'm sure she has good intentions, but I think this could hurt her in some states if she sticks with it

especially texas. texas is turning purple, and this could make them red again if she's the candidate

I believe she'll modify when she sees how it polls
Jun 2019
This is astonishing for several reasons, but for me, it's the idea that Warren is honest enough to call this Jay Inslee's plan and give credit where credit is due. WHEN does that ever happen in the life of a politician? Do you suppose Inslee could be a possible VP pick?
Whatever the reason, I admire ANYONE who admits that SOMEONE else thought of it, pushed it and it's a good plan--good enough for the rest of us to study it.
I'm more impressed with Warren every single day. Here is Inslee's plan:
Jay Inslee, Running as a Climate Candidate, Wants Coal Gone in 10 Years

Caution Trump Supporters: Eliminating COAL is part of the plan. Read at your own risk.
All I have to say about his plan is, it's about time.
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Jul 2018
I like Warren in so many ways. She has announced clear, achievable policies in a way they can be understood. She also is the only one who declares how they will be paid for, again in an achievable way. And as much as the GOP squirms otherwise, she doesn't give out the slight wingnut vibe that Sanders does.

Problem? A bit long in the tooth.
Hillary will be Warren's V.P. Warren won't last long as President.