Was the New DEal Socialism? Because i think thats all Bernie wants to do

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
i AM SO DOWN WITH Bernie, i am glad i lived long enough to see this, i've been wandering the wilderness for 40 god damned years so very lost looking for a home
now i am home.. run Bernie run
we have come home
what will the new world be like?
well just look back we've been here before and we never never should have left
Dec 2015
Was the New Deal Socialism? Al Smith certainly thought so and he got shellacked by FDR and the American voters. According to some, Socialism has been a dirty word since the 1930s. The truth is that the “socialism” taunt is among the oldest and most discreditable of political mantras. It’s been used by conservatives to smear Democratic or progressive policies/politicians they don’t like....well....almost forever.
Most recently we heard it from the lips of Donald J Trump in his SOTU message:
“Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” AND his supporters slurped it up! Baaa.
Here's the rub. Americans WANT healthcare. If you want to call it Medicare for All then fine. Americans want assistance with college tuition. Americans want the 1% to pay their fair share. Americans want affordable housing and an end to stagnant wages.
If political wonks insist on naming a system of generous government benefits combined with a free market democratic socialism, fine. That seems unnecessarily confusing since the government is actually running no industries other than education (and meddling somewhat in healthcare). It certainly isn’t socialism.