We need a ...wall...where the border patrol and National Security people say it is needed. It is

Dec 2015
But that wouldn't stick up into the sky and have Trump written all over it. Thus it won't fly.
HEY--aren't you are forgetting something, my Canadian friend?? The ART of the DEAL! Trump can MAKE THIS FLY! FLY!

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Jul 2018
So, what about this? A simple technology could secure the US-Mexico border for a fraction of the cost of a wall — but no one's talking about it!
Amid the cacophony, one lawmaker has tried fruitlessly to divert attention away from the wall, and toward fiber-optic technology that could pinpoint with precision where border intrusions occur, determine what exactly is coming across, and relay the information to Border Patrol agents in realtime.

"I would love to lay a fiber-optic cable from sea to shining sea," Rep. Will Hurd, a Texas Republican who represents more of the US-Mexico border than anyone in Congress, told The New York Times' "The Daily" podcast in January.
Thanks to the University of Arizona!
About 10 years ago, a bizarre parade of animals, people, and vehicles lined up in the middle of the Sonoran Desert to trot, walk, and drive over a 100-foot cable stretched out across the dirt by a team of scientists.

By the University of Arizona researchers' accounts, the experiment was a resounding success, heralding a new frontier in border-security technology.
A fiber-optic cable installed in the loose, sandy soil could tell precisely what was moving above it — be it a 200-pound man, a group of people concealed in a cloud of dust from a passing car, a wandering dog, or a pair of cantering horses.
"At the time, there was a lot of interest from the federal government," Moe Momayez, an associate professor of mining and geological engineering, told INSIDER. "But like anything else, it just dies off."

These days, nearly a full decade after Momayez's experiment, the federal government remains fixated on building a border wall that critics have derided as a "medieval" solution to border security.

A simple technology could secure the US-Mexico border for a fraction of the cost of a wall — but no one's talking about it
Don't you think the illegal aliens will simply steal or destroy the cable?
Dec 2015
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Nov 2012
The trick with immigration is to make your country deeply unattractive, as we over here with this Brexit crap: it is running down the economy and encouraging Nazi shitiness so fast that soon no-one will want to come here. I suppose your Fuhrer is doing his bit in that respect.
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Apr 2013
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Don't you think illegals will tunnel under the wall or bring a ladder? Don't you think the fiber optics would be secured in a protected tunnel? Don't you think the fiber optics would sound an alarm--an alert--if an attempt is made to steal or destroy it?Try this info.

Even without a protective shield, the position of a cable would be easy to hide. It needn't be exactly X yards from the border.

And for what they cost and the trivial expense of installing them in soil, have triple redundancy. Cheaper and better than a wall.

But it wouldn't be a monument, so no go with this president.
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Feb 2014
totally disgusting the Dems will NOT listen to them and get on with the business of the nation. Heck, Perlosi could even take her little vacation trip to visit Brussels and token trip to Afghanistan.
The mentality of a wall is what we defended our democracy against, and we need to return to defending our democracy in the classroom before those who remember when our nation was different are all dead. When we are gone, there will be no be left to tell of the democracy and liberty we once defended in two wars against Prussian controlled Germany. We adopted the Prussian model of bureaucracy that ends individual power and liberty and puts in its place rule by policy. Then we replaced our liberal education with education for technology, and we are moving rapidly to being what we defended our democracy against, and we have far too many citizens who think this is a good thing.
Dec 2012
the wall is stupid. the drug runners will do anything to sell there drugs. they will find another way to get across the border. like see you in about a year I am taking a boat trip. or whats going to stop drug
factorys.. somone once sead...a great army guards the palace. yet a small mouse can sneek in
the smallest crack or hole .. theres a million ways they can still get there drugs across the border.
and our tax money down the drain. line of sight by guards is the best way. at best the wall can
create new jobs.
Yesterday a Mexican national was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on Saturday with enough fentanyl to kill 57 million Americans. The shipment was referred to secondary, where an intensive examination revealed the contraband concealed within the trailer floor (of a pickup truck) at a Nogales border checkpoint. The truck trailer concealed the fentanyl which was covered by a load of cucumbers. Border Patrol was alerted after a drug DOG brought attention to the driver and truck. The truck also went through an x-ray scanner which showed the false floor. Nearly 650 pounds of illegal drugs were removed from the trailer in total.
The drugs, which also included almost 395 pounds of methamphetamine,

This is exactly why most Americans do not feel a wall is necessary.
And yet, the wall