We need a ...wall...where the border patrol and National Security people say it is needed. It is

Feb 2014
Doesn't Rep. Hurd represent people along the border who rely on cheap labor?
We all depend on that cheap labor because that is what makes our food affordable. We might want to be realistic and also more humane by making life better for migrant farmers. The fun of life is knowing we can use our intelligence to make the world a better place. The US used to be proud of leading the way for a better life. Building walls is against the liberty and justice for which we stand. Something is wrong with our spirit and I hope this is temporary.

We need to adopt Chinese thinking about yin and yang, how things work together to create prosperity and good relationships.
Dec 2012
Yesterday a Mexican national was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on Saturday with enough fentanyl to kill 57 million Americans. The shipment was referred to secondary, where an intensive examination revealed the contraband concealed within the trailer floor (of a pickup truck) at a Nogales border checkpoint. The truck trailer concealed the fentanyl which was covered by a load of cucumbers. Border Patrol was alerted after a drug DOG brought attention to the driver and truck. The truck also went through an x-ray scanner which showed the false floor. Nearly 650 pounds of illegal drugs were removed from the trailer in total.
The drugs, which also included almost 395 pounds of methamphetamine,

This is exactly why most Americans do not feel a wall is necessary.
Is this the same Nogales checkpoint that already has a fence built?
Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
The truth is, the Wall along the California/Mexico border has stopped upward of 95% of illegal aliens and drugs from crossing.

Well that's a load of total bullshit. More than 60% of the illegals currently in the country ENTERED LEGALLY at regular ports of entry. They have simply overstayed their visas. 90% of the drugs flowing into this country ENTER THROUGH REGULAR PORTS OF ENTRY. We don't have the manpower or the technology to scan every single truck, car and container that comes into the country.
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Dec 2012
So, what about this? A simple technology could secure the US-Mexico border for a fraction of the cost of a wall — but no one's talking about it!
Amid the cacophony, one lawmaker has tried fruitlessly to divert attention away from the wall, and toward fiber-optic technology that could pinpoint with precision where border intrusions occur, determine what exactly is coming across, and relay the information to Border Patrol agents in realtime.

"I would love to lay a fiber-optic cable from sea to shining sea," Rep. Will Hurd, a Texas Republican who represents more of the US-Mexico border than anyone in Congress, told The New York Times' "The Daily" podcast in January.
Thanks to the University of Arizona!
About 10 years ago, a bizarre parade of animals, people, and vehicles lined up in the middle of the Sonoran Desert to trot, walk, and drive over a 100-foot cable stretched out across the dirt by a team of scientists.

By the University of Arizona researchers' accounts, the experiment was a resounding success, heralding a new frontier in border-security technology.
A fiber-optic cable installed in the loose, sandy soil could tell precisely what was moving above it — be it a 200-pound man, a group of people concealed in a cloud of dust from a passing car, a wandering dog, or a pair of cantering horses.
"At the time, there was a lot of interest from the federal government," Moe Momayez, an associate professor of mining and geological engineering, told INSIDER. "But like anything else, it just dies off."

These days, nearly a full decade after Momayez's experiment, the federal government remains fixated on building a border wall that critics have derided as a "medieval" solution to border security.

A simple technology could secure the US-Mexico border for a fraction of the cost of a wall — but no one's talking about it
No one's talking about because it's ridiculous! The amount of manpower needed alone in high traffic areas makes technology useless. That can only be stopped with a barrier. The Border Patrol is recommending roughly 230 miles of Wall in the high traffic areas.
Dec 2012
Sep 2017
No, that's mostly rich bastards like Trump and his those that contribute to his and other Republican campaigns.
Most small businesses regardless of owner's wealth or political affiliation are prone to hiring/employing illegals directly or indirectly. You call a plumber, roofer, electrician, how would one know? I've been using this same licensed electrician for years and got to know him well enough that one day he confessed to me that he was illegal. I've hired many gypsy window cleaners, (you know the ones going from door to door asking if you need your windows cleaned), what am I supposed to do, demand papers or just give the poor guy trying to make a humble living his $20 and a tip?

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