We really are more alike than not

Nov 2013
Much nicer ad than most. But it's still an ad.

Cheers for them @ least trying to think outside the box.
Nov 2018
Rocky Mountains
It has occurred to me that an explanation for a large part of the partisan behavior is that we do not have a substantial external enemy and there has not been a world war for decades to bring together the disparate members of society. Or perhaps the good old days were not so filled with cooperation as we thought they were-- recall the conflicts over Civil Rights, the Vietnam years, the Japanese relocation in WWII, the anti-immigrant hostility around WWI, slavery. America has been divided for ....centuries?
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Jan 2020
Congo Free State, Africa
Society is based on competition and greed. Poor people MUST be kept politically divided so they fight each other rather than oppressive governments. They make us less alike and expect us to go on paying.