Well, it has started. The dark ages of America are upon us.

Nov 2018
Inner Space
Sure. Show me where you can see the green light spectrum as green with only naked eyes.
That is not clarification. Light from a green object has to interact with the cones in the eyes for perception of that color. Perhaps you should explain your claim rather than asking your audience to explain what you tried to express.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Lib domination? Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Ray-gun, Bush, Bush, Agent Orange?
I count 36 of the last 56 years as GOP rule (I do not count Trump as a republican). 28 Dem. And 2 years of insanity. (Trump is obviously counted under insanity)
The subject was the SCOTUS, pay attention.
Jul 2014
The subject was the SCOTUS, pay attention.
We have a political system that for the first time has split the electorate along clear demographic lines, and depends on a political fluke to put the put the current regime in office.
This is not the formula for the extended hegemony of the right.
And whatever the right does, they have undone the traditions that would have allowed them to extend the influence beyond their temporary ascendancy.
Once the Democrats gain hegemony, the filibuster will disappear, the simple majority will pass a legislative agenda that could only have been dreamed of before.
If the Supreme Court proves to be an annoyance, a simple majority will be enough to add new seats and fill them with young Liberals.
The changing demographics make Republican hegemony much less likely going forward, especially as the traditions that support minority power have been stripped away by Republican abuses of those very traditions.
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Dec 2015
Back to the "dark ages" please.
From HuffPost:
It's being said that America is entering a post-truth era. It seems that truth is no longer of paramount importance or, as the Oxford dictionary more formally puts it, "objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion."

But the fading of truth may be just one aspect of what is happening. In reality -- if one can still use that word -- America may be moving from a fact-based era to a faith-based era. Such a transition is nothing new; it has happened at least a couple of times already in the history of Western civilization. After the logic and science of the ancient Greeks and the technology of the ancient Romans, Europe moved into the faith-based Dark Ages.

Donald Trump has moved us from global to national--from respect to disrespect---from ethics and morals to deceit. From trust to distrust. From statesmanship to defamation. From family to porn stars.
The faith-based theory supposition brings us to a place where we only trust those who are "LIKE" us. If you're not looking for truth but relying on faith, you tend to exclude those who threaten your beliefs and group with those who support it. By questioning its international treaties (defense, trade, climate), backing out of some, and criticizing the UN, America is moving from an era of globalization to an era of nationalism or isolation. America's tribal instinct has become alarmingly strong.

This is Trump World. AND I refer to Game of Thrones here:
Trump is pulling up the drawbridge, and I've got a problem with that.
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Feb 2019
here and there
Medicare Democratic
Medicaid Democratic
Medicare part D Republican
Freedom of Info Act Democratic
Voting Rights Act Democratic
Civil Rights Act Democratic
Fair Housing Laws Democratic
School Desegregation Democratic
Social Security Democratic
National Environmental Policy Act Moderate Republican
Wilderness Protection Act Democratic
Occupational Health and Safety Act Moderate Republican
Clean Air Act Democratic
National School Lunch Program Democratic
National Aeronautic and Space Administration Moderate Republican

Of course none of the social progress legislation by Republicans would now be acceptable to the current iteration of the GOP Conservative Cabal
You are correct. The GOP has literally done NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soon to be score card:

1. Protect the unborn

2. Secure border so that voters have the right to decide who gets in and who does not.
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Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
The subject was the SCOTUS, pay attention.
The president no longer appoints the judges?

For your edification, since 1952 the GOP has appointed 20 judges. The Dems 6.

For the court to now be overturning itself speaks to the WILD right shift of the court enabled by minority rule.
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Dec 2006
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You are correct. The GOP has literally done NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soon to be score card:

1. Protect the unborn

2. Secure border so that voters have the right to decide who gets in and who does not.
You mean like some of the absurd bills being passed in state legislatures to day?
The horrible racist s.o.b.'s will f*ck over the people of color anyway they can.
No question - a rich white woman can leave the state and get health care in a more civilized and intelligent state.
The only people these ignorant and backward laws will affect are the poor women of color who will be forced to either have unwanted children, risk jail and dangerous backalley abortions, or have their babies put up for adoption, knowing that non-white babies are the last to get adoptive parents.
Yessiree - those are some scores to tally up with PRIDE!!!! WHITE PRIDE!!!!

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