What Could Heaven Be Like?

Nov 2012
What ever the pleasures you prescribe for yourself it all becomes meaningless and empty eventually
Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
Hell would be my Heaven as it is apparently Christian free:)
I fear you'd be sorely disappointed. I think ole St Pete will be looking at the majority of Christians and asking one simple question ...... What the fuck were you thinking ?? They can't defend their bigotry and hatred.
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Jul 2018
So you’re earthly time is over and you’re transported to eternal bliss. Now what?
It all depends on which ethnocentric religious fairy tale you believe in. They are all different so you need to be specific when asking religious questions.
Feb 2018
Eternity could have no beginning. It cannot begin in time and proceed. Any such "proceeding" means passage of time, which is not eternity. So eternity would have to be eternity going both forward and back, and yet there would be no "forward" or "back" because eternity must be timeless.

So, if you want to know what existence would be like after death, and if you believe it is "eternity", then just reflect back on what your existence was like for you 1000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, or 1 million years ago. It will be the same after death.

Then realize that your entire sense of being, of relationships, of events, is all a result of, and dependent upon, functions of the brain. When you are under general anesthesia what do you know of being, relationships, or events? Nothing. The brain is inactive and so all awareness is absent. And you won't be taking your brain with you into "eternity".
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