What could Trump do to finally make his supporters turn on him?

Sep 2018
Nwolfe35 said:
He could start working with the Democrats to solve some of our problems.
What Are Their Current Solutions
Have They Even Mentioned Any ??

This Is The Fastest Turn Around I've Ever Seen
In Less Than 18mos !!
Obama Has Come Out Stumping
To Take Credit For Things He Said Couldn't Be Done

Obama And The Democrat's Regulations And Taxes
Suppressed The Economic Boom That We See Today
This Boom Should Have Happened Eight Years Ago
Apparently 1 1/2% Growth Wasn't The New Normal

Obama And The Democrats Were Just In The Way
And They're Still In The Way By Mental Incompacity
To See Things Have Gotten Notably Better
Even With Them Causing As Much Disruption As Possible

Only Progs Will Go On National TV
And Pray For Economic Calamity On Their Fellow Americans
Or Overtly Call For Violence On Policy Opposition
And Call It A Campaign Strategy
Sep 2018
How does a statement that the police protects people become, in your mind, a suggestion that they shouldn't protect people? I don't understand your logic.
She Doesn't Have Any Logic
I Was In Another Thread
And She Couldn't Even Follow Her Own Line Of Thought

So Don't Hold Your Breath
May 2018
Trump's job approval rating is at a horrible 36% and I think you guys are fooling yourselves that he can't lose more supporters. Granted, their lack of intelligence, common sense, or contact with reality are all questionable to say the least, but even the dumbest guy knows when he's getting shortchanged in the pocketbook. Trump delivered 80% of his unnecessary tax cut to the wealthy/corporations, leaving chickenfeed for the middle class (especially the lower-middle class Trumpanzees). Not to mention how he's screwed over the farmers and failed to revive ailing industries. As the low-income Trumpanzees continue to falter, and as their health insurance premiums soar, they'll turn on him eventually.
Sep 2018
Trump's job approval rating is at a horrible 36% and I think you guys are fooling yourselves that he can't lose more supporters.
Obama Is Giving Speeches
Trying To Take Credit For Things Trump Has Done
Obama Said Couldn't Be Done Without A Magic Wand

Yet All Trump Really Had To Do On The Economy
Was Reverse Obama's Regulations And Taxes

Now Jobs Are Coming Back
Trade Deals And NATO Are Being Negotiated
Good Jurists Are Being Appointed To The Courts

All The Left Has Is 'Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire'
Because Trump Is Proving
The Left's Actual Policies Lead To Malaise And More Poverty
So They Distract The Simple Minded With
Gay This, Trans-Gen That, Fascist And Impeach Garbage

Wonder How Many First Time Voters Will Remember
Their Parents On Un-Employment, Working Multiple Jobs
And What It Was Like To Live On Assistance
Before Trump Arrived To Turn Obama's Policies Around
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Sep 2018
All This About Trump From Media
Is Trying To 'Bork' Him
Because Their Incompetent, Drunken,
Corporate Grubbing Two-Time Loser
Lost What They Thought Was A Shoo-In Election

And Their Weighted/Slanted Polls Mean Diddley
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