What Defines a Good President?

Dec 2015
Is personality the same as character? Or does Personality encompass character within it?

So maybe if a person would be able to line up his verbal speech to his inward character, that would be a truer personality.

Alot of persons have 'good' intentions but horrible verbal communications to their good intentions. Others have 'bad' intentions but really good verbal communications not to their bad intentions. Or are such deceptions archaic?

Ever seen an 'animal' like this? I hardly have.

Chihuahuas will let you know if they don't like you.. They have no problems with that.. The larger dogs also.

But what if I don't like you but say all manners of 'good' to you?

Non physical 'hate crime'.

Neighbors.. Ever have a neighbor so sweet only to find out later that they were stabbing you in your back when you were not around? God forbid Presidents.

If you can't even trust your own parents, whom could you trust? The Greater Parent(s).. Up there.. ^

Character and personality are related, but they are not the same thing. Personality is inborn traits and character consists of learned behavior. Character may vary with the situation or circumstances or may be purposely changed.
Dec 2016
All this long, winding thread proves is that liberals and conservatives all believe in the Great Man Theory of history.....that it's GREAT leaders/not the people who define the course of events throughout history. And that's why both liberals and conservatives wrap their chosen icons in myth and attack any critics who point out the flaws in their false idols!

Now, go back to your search for the next saviour!

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