What do you believe?

Dec 2018
Here is your chance - simply state what you believe (or what you don't believe). There is no need for debate or confrontation in this thread. . . just simply state your beliefs.

I will start:

Here is what I believe -

I have a God of my understanding, but it is not a God that lies “somewhere out there” – my God simply lies within myself. Organized religion (specifically Christianity) teaches us that we are sinners with an angry God looking down upon us from Heaven above, constantly judging us for our many trespasses. Furthermore, Christianity teaches that Jesus will come again to “judge the living and the dead,” sending the righteous to Heaven and the nonbelievers to Hell. I believe that these teachings of Christianity are not only erroneous, but are meant to scare us into attending Church every Sunday, praying to a God that doesn’t exist, and tithing to the Church to help atone for our sins: Hence, “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give the rest to God.”

I don’t believe in Satan or evil. I do believe that Humans are less than perfect and make mistakes, leading to misunderstandings, hatred and resentments – even wars. Perhaps the biggest mistake we make is using organized religion to justify our actions – self righteousness takes over. It seems that every school of modern theology likes to point the finger and say, “We are right and you are wrong.” The need to be right all the time is – in my opinion – one of the biggest flaws of mankind.

I don’t believe I am right (even by writing this post) – I do believe that I am human: subject to the same trials, tribulations and fate as everybody else. Simply put, I believe that we all go to the same place when we die (where that is specifically, I don’t know. Nobody else really knows either – since no one has ever come back from the dead). Whether or not we are simply “food for the worms” is up to debate. I just think that it’s silly to debate that. Any reasoning man can see why. . .

I believe in science, evolution and the teachings of history. I believe that Christianity (and some other religions) want to set us back and keep us from learning the truth. I don’t believe that we are alone in the universe – how big are our egos if we think we are??

I believe that every man has a right to his opinion – he just doesn’t have a right to force that opinion on me or anyone else.

I believe in the paradox of “looking within thyself” for answers to one’s “spiritual questions,” while looking to science (and the outward universe) to explain why we are here. I believe that Christianity may just have that paradox backwards. . .

I believe that I am less than perfect – just like everybody else – no better or worse than my fellow humans. What right have I to preach to and judge others?? The only thing that I believe I have a right to is my opinion – nothing more or less.

I believe that mankind is experiencing a spiritual crisis right now – we want to move forward (progress in knowledge and intellect), but are in fact moving backwards because of religion (read: Christianity – at least here in the US). That is something that concerns me. We are in fact regressing spiritually – and if the trend is not reversed, unpredictable things could happen. . .


That is what I believe – what about you?? [/FONT]
Maybe I can 'sum' up my belief in GOD in this manner/fashion.

I believe in 'good'. I believe in The Holy Bible. Why? Because The Ho(k)ly Bible says 'God Is Good'.

So I guess I believe in GOD.