What Does 'Race' Tell Us About Ourselves And Others

Dec 2016
Don't let your ignorance about anthropology and genetics in general get in the way of making a fool out of yourself and an absolute waste of time for me to respond to.
PUt your cards on the table!
My knowledge and awareness of these subjects comes from my own reading and books I've collected over the years. Anyone not wallowing in ignorance like you, understands that human behavior and history can be interpreted in many different ways. But, I stand with those who started the pushback against Euro supremacism decades ago, who resist the well-funded counter-attacks of the past 30 years that come from many different angles- telling us everything's better and we are being perfected by modern global capitalism, internationalism and technology and innovations..... all try to lead to a conclusion that the human race is depraved by nature, but being pulled along to think we are living in the best of all possible worlds. Some of us don't buy it!

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