What does the right consider as "racist"?

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
When I said "cracks on Warren", I was obviously referring to your "Pocahontas" reference.

You are ducking my question.
I asked: "Can you demonstrate how the left has implemented "racism" which satisfies the definition you just offered?"
Sabcat: "The belief that one is superior to another based solely on race and that they should be granted special privileges on that belief. "

The part where your response falls apart is you said "... they should be granted special privileges (based on the belief that one is superior)..."
Warren did not do that.
If you think she did, then explain which race(s) she has has claimed is superior.

So is it necessary to show the belief that one race is superior to satisfy your definition of racism?
Or is it simply that you have two different definitions? One for Repubs and one for Dems?

The new american left believes that the groups have a hiarchy of privilege. Apparently white straight men are at the top of this for no other reason then birth.. what would you call that? Sounds damn racist to me.

Then thru the theory of equity the playing field is to be leveled using this ranking of privilege this granting people extra 'rights' because of birth. This also seems racist.

It is the same definition. One just has to have critical thinking skills to work thru it.
Sep 2018
But What If One Race Is Demonstrably Different
By Every Measurable Metric

The Same High Violent Crime Rate
As In Any Other Country They Inhabit
Lower Test Scores Than Everyone Else
Fails Equally On The Economic Ladder
In Every Other Country Where They Live
No Matter Where It Is
Not One Successful Nation Have They Governed
If, As An Overall Group
They Typically Score Well Under 100pts
Why Would All The Help They Can Be Given
Make Their Demographic Any More Successful
Than They Are As A Group Now
Even To The Exclusion Of All Others In Their Own Countries

Not Pointing At Any Group In Particular
Just Wondering Why Would It Be Racist Or Supremacist
To Even Notice Something Like That
Feb 2019
here and there
Sorry, but calling asylum seekers "invaders" is first of all, not the truth. And secondly, possibly racist.
Sorry, but those seeking asylum can apply for it at the border or choose to enter the country illegally.

Those applying for it illegally are not invaders, but those not applying for it are.
Jul 2014
What is racist? I know what it is not, it is not labeling someone as racist for criticizing hordes of foreign invaders from coming across the border illegally.

I would say showing preference to someone because of their race is racist. You know, like allowing someone to have a job or go to a college cuz they claim to have genetic native American blood.

This was posted by a racist, obviously.
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Dec 2015
Too many of the replies defending Trump go like this.
Trump: Mexico sends us rapists. I like ice cream.
Conservatives: Why do liberals think liking ice cream is racist???

Here Are All the Times Donald Trump Insulted Mexico

Labeling affirmative action as "racist" is something I actually sympathize with. I see a goal in it of trying to reverse historical racism which has given one segment of society an advantage. I also see that along with this justification comes a needed expiration date for affirmative action, which SCOTUS has explicitly stated in the past.

With that said, by your comment this should also include "showing preference" to whites in the justice system with a justice system both more aggressively prosecuting and penalizing some minorities (e.g. blacks) than whites should also be considered as racist.
Would you agree?
Vanilla ice cream is reverse racism.
Aug 2018
been around
"What does the right consider as "racist"?"

Are you kidding me? We're stumbling all over ourselves to not be racist, meanwhile......Go read many left leaning publications, they will be rife with racism - white nationalism - white supremacy - white privilege - on and on and on it goes. This is an attack on people based on the color of their skin. If you guys don't see that as clear and present racism and stop doing it, you're an incurable racist.

It resembles the demonization of Jews in Germany before the pogroms began. Check these out:
White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it
Did a Texas A&M Professor Advocate Killing White People?
Mass. College Professor: White Males Are A Cancer And Must Die, Urges Students To Kill Themselves - Truth And Action
Type O Negative - Kill All The White People Lyrics | AZLyrics.com

Of course I understand you are just following what you have been told to think in order to destroy Western values and society, but for crying out loud, try to think for yourself!
Nov 2005
Not when we're hearing it many times a day here and from multiple liberal sources.
Which liberal sources can you quote calling all conservatives "racist" for yesterday, August 13th?
(I was going to say "major" liberal sources, but I figure the pieces will come together normally anyways...)
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