What gay rights?

May 2018
I'm always betting that's on the To Do list for the Christian Right!
Every rightwing blog or "news" site I've ever been on about "what the Muslims are doing to women, homosexuals etc." has a comments section where rightwing louts are just wishing they could do that too!
Why do you think they love Putin so much?
Dec 2016
Why do you think they love Putin so much?
Read Steve Bannon sometime! It's at least 90% because Russians are white, and little else. Very few rightwingers are true libertarians and non-interventionists! Most are imperialists and want as many white allies as possible. So, they're looking past Putin and at the Russian orthodox religious right that Putin makes concessions to...that's the only time his government steps in on social issues he'd rather ignore. They want fascist allies all across Eastern Europe. The problem is they all start fighting with each other instead of allying for the greater cause of defending the white race from the dark peoples of the world.
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Apr 2013
Left coast
You have it backwards. You'd put a little maple syrup into the MM. :)

I like Scotch liqueurs, Drambuie, Lochan Ora, Glayva, Glenfiddich Malt liqueur, even Irish Mist among others. Most use honey for a sweetener. Sortilège Maple Whiskey Liqueur uses, well it's in the name.

My favorite mixed drink is a Rusty Nail: Scotch and Drambuie, just don't mess it up with too much ice. I guess me taste for Scotch and Irish whisky comes from me Scot-Irish blood.....
Fine scotches and Drambuie. Elixir.

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