What Happened To Rod Rosenstein?

Jun 2018
South Dakota
I actually thought he was the walking dead yesterday. He didn't even blink.
Hey, c'mon! I saw him blink clearly twice. He's thinking, God why did I appoint Mueller? And now Barr's my boss? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit! Game over.
BTW the other guy was only a bit more animated. Both looked like they'd rather be getting the proctological exam they just did on Trump than be there.
Dec 2015
He is leaving May 11th...so he probably knows, the longer he stays...he may get "drained".
More than likely we'll see a new book at Barnes and Noble. I understand Rod thanked Trump for his.....courtesy? Here's an educated man who was attacked by Trump and now "thanks for the courtesy"?? Tweeter-in-chief retweeted a Photoshopped image that depicted Rosenstein behind bars, suggesting he should be jailed for treason. And he wrote that Rosenstein appeared to be “planning a very illegal act”. Courtesy?