What has real value.

Jun 2018
It isn't money. It is the life you live. Such as something I have never known for myself because of the fucked world we live in. Which is a smile on your child's face. For some people, that seems to be all they have in life. Which why they make too many children. That and for many countries, that is the only kind of social security they have. Neither do many have any problem in putting their children to work. They may even sell them. In times past, they sometimes also castrated children to make them eunichs. As such they had much more value as slaves.

Also, I have seen things where people in very poor countries were asked if they were happy. Most of them said they were. But here, what seems to make most people happy is living better than others. Even thougth they may not deserve to. In other words, taking a shit on them.

One way this is brought about is through slavery. That is in our modern version of it. That is one reason why nothing useful is being done to get rid of illegal immigrants. And why so many U.S. jobs have gone overseas. All of which is poison to unions. But many good things have come from unions. Such as decreasing child labor, shortening the number of days and hours needed to be worked and better workplace safety. Right now, Americans work harder and longer than probably any of the other developed nations. And have no universal health care like they do.

Employers just love it when there are more workers than jobs. Because then they can pay workers as little as they can. I remember hearing of a time after one of the great plagues in Europe. When there were fewer workers. With that being the case, workers actually got pain more like they deserved to be paid. We are completely capable of doing the same sort of thing without a massive dieoff. And bring to most people what has real value.
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