What is John Delaney doing in the democrat party?

Feb 2019
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What is John Delaney doing in the Democrat party?

In the first debate, John Delaney opposed the Bernie Sanders Medicare for all program, the only one seemingly to do so.

At the first Democratic presidential primary debate, former Rep. John Delaney (Md.) outlined his opposition to "Medicare for All" and focused on one potential loser: hospitals.

This is what he said.

"If you go to every hospital in this country and you ask them one question, which is, ‘How would it have been for you last year if every one of your bills were paid at the Medicare rate?’ Every single hospital administrator said they would close," he said.

Everyone except Helen Keller knows that the Democrat party has been shoved so far up Karl Marx''s rectum that State run health care is a bare minimum to the socialist utopia.

What was he thinking?
Dec 2016
Well, after this: 'Children come first': House passes $4.6 billion in aid for migrants at border after Pelosi caves to Republicans' it's worth asking if Bernie or any of the real progressives are in the wrong party anyway!

I would have thought after pictures of dead bodies in the Rio Grande and nightmarish reports of denying children kept in cages proper food, clothing, bedding and even adult supervision, the Dem establishment had enough ammo to hold out a little longer.....but, wrong again! When push comes to shove, the Resistance turns into the Assistance!