What Jerry Falwell thinks Jesus would do


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Apr 2013
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Sep 2015
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Why, sponsor a NASCAR top level team for about $35 million per year, that's what. Keep in mind this is a Hendrick Motorsports, top of the league team getting top dollar.

Is there no restriction on this kind of thing for a non-profit in the US?

Or is it another case where christians are exempt?

NASCAR driver William Byron shows off new No. 24 Liberty car at Homecoming | Liberty University

Here's What It Costs To Sponsor A NASCAR - Business Insider
Jerry Falwell is pushing up daises. Pat Robertson has not kicked the bucket and Jim Bakker is on the loose again. Will Televangelists never give up?

edit: I am a NHRA aficionado and love the smell of burning bleach, rubber and nitro at National Trails, Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
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Aug 2014
This would be Jerry Falwell Jr., the son who doesn't know his Bible from his asshole. This guy calls Donald Trump a Christian. Huh? Supporting what one might consider the less of two evils isn't endorsing good.

To Jerry Jr's wife, "Becki" isnt a name. "Becky" is short of Rebecca but no female over 12 should name herself "Becky", much less spell it in a dumbass way like yourself. I am sorry, but I hate stupid names, and you have one.

Jesus (Hay-soos!)