What Lies Upstream.

Jun 2018
Exactly the problem. We need to work on clearing the water exiting our sewage plants & returning to the surface water (see https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/only-half-of-drugs-removed-by-sewage-treatment/) or water table as drinkable. TMK, we can't filter out half of the drugs/chemicals (& their breakdown components after passing through humans or livestock). Amphibians are dying out across the industrialized world, & worse, the contaminants are leaching into the oceans. We get various blooms & dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, for instance - depending on where big ag is in its fertilizing - fumigating - insecticide application schedule on the Mississippi River & tributaries - & all that material makes its way down to the Gulf & the various seafood that comes from there.
Isn't it just wonderful the way corruption works? Nothing matters to the wealthy. And they are the ones who pay for the politicians to be put in place. For anybody who can't afford to shield themselves from the garbage the rich dump at least to some degree, they can all fuck off and die. To the wealthy, they are just worthless pesants.