What makes your body or your brain "yours"?

Feb 2019
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That's an interesting point - but I was asking what makes it "yours" to begin with, not saying "it isn't yours".
A better question is why the Left is so hell bent on keeping abortion the law of the land based on the premise that our body is ours and we should be able to do with it what we want.

At the same time the advocate the state taking over all health care and giving the thumbs up or down concerning the care of our body and even forcing us to comply to medical treatment like various inoculations. In fact, in China the state mandates abortions if you have too many kids.

Very strange indeed.

As I said, the state rules supreme in todays' culture as I fully expect them to literally take over everything, including our bodies.

Just read in Revelation where the state mandates the Mark of the Beast, and if they don't comply, they are murdered. That is a taste of what is to come.
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Oct 2019
The neural connections makes you, you. The way the neurons interconnect and communicate with each other. And now that I think about it, even the hormones, neurotransmitters I mentioned above affect neuronal communication

If you sever some of those connections, like in a brain injury, a person's personality can completely change. Hormones can cahnge people's personalities as well
I don't think that substantiates what makes the neural connections in your brain "yours", as opposed to someone elses.
May 2019
I'm curious what makes your body or your brain "yours" to begin with.

From a scientific perspective, the brain is made from a collection of molecules, or on a physical level, matter and energy - just like any other physical entity. Scientifically then, "your" brain would be no different than "another person's" brain.

So what makes your brain "yours" to begin with? The concept of "you" or "yours" doesn't seem to even exist within the scope of science.
The concept of "yours" is a moral/philosophical concept not a physical science concept. It's also a topic based on information, not physical material. So looking at it through the lens of physical science will lead you to a dead end. It's a question of social science (derived from philosophical predecessors). You might as well say that bosons have no sociological existence, which is true, but it's no argument against bosons.
The simplest answer though, is that a living brain is somebody's, and mine isn't anyone else's.
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Dec 2018
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I'm curious what makes your body or your brain "yours" to begin with.
In our case, it's a consensus opinion of a large enough majority of our fellow citizens that your brain and body ought to be yours (and their's ought to be their's).

Shift that consensus, and they both can belong to the state. Though you may want to ask @Kode about that. He's the forum's resident expert in that area.