What would happen if they changed the name?

Nov 2013
We won't know until the season is over.
Yep, I agree. In the meantime, in the US (& in the World, as far as that goes) there seems to be more than enough on our (the US) plate already, in terms of ramping up production of powered ventilators, masks, gloves, face shields, bunny suits, finding enough beds for ICU care, finding enough personnel to attend patients in all those ventilators & ICU or improvised beds. & producing enough COVID-19 test kits & all the associated materials - & training the doctors & nurses & lab techs - so that we can do the massive testing & data crunching we need to get ahead of the pandemic & choke it down to something manageable.

If we can't get ahead of the wave of infection, then we'll have to dust off our triage protocols. Judging by press reports, it sounds like Italy is already @ the breaking point - if they've truly abandoned intubating anyone with COVID-19 who is over 60 years old.
Jun 2018
South Dakota
Why not change it? That's what the liberal lefties have done to just about everything whose name is deemed to be offensive. Keeps the snowflakes from melting.