When a fetus becomes human

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
If that is all it is, then why is it so important to kill the babies that survive abortions?
do they this is one of those phony issues the catholic church fabricates like when they said the dutch government was eithanizing old people to save money on health care, it is an absolute disgusting lie and so typical of this evil corrupt false relgion


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From the article you posted:

“ALL babies are wanted,” says Dawn Baker, Michigan director for domestic infant adoption and pregnancy counseling at Bethany Christian Services.

“Bethany has over one hundred approved adoptive families in Michigan right now. The majority of them are open to a child of any ethnicity or any gender,” says Baker
Don't be trying to fact webguy when he's spouting one of his favorite REPUBLICAN talking points.

He's been beating that drum from the time I joined DTT.