When u r out of ammo, ur gun is a club

Oct 2017
Ulald has to be dumped , he is running arouind threatening to kill people, we can't have that as a group. He has to go, I'll quote him "From Ulald "get 10 more like you and come TRY it, pussy. I'll kill the first 2 in 1 second flat and the rest will run like the nothings that you are." He is mentally disturbed obviously and we don't need this crap here." He has to be dumped.
Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
Jesus, the bullshit and dick waving is getting kind of ridiculous!!

But at least TS has a sense of humor. Reminds me of a joke I heard once. There's an Army Ranger, a Marine 0311 and a sailor sitting around a campfire in the everglades just talking shit and drinking whiskey. Bragging about how tough there are and so forth.
Someone mentions the fire needs stirred up, so the Ranger whips out his dick and stirs the fire with it. Doesn't say a word, just stuffs it back in his pants. Silence from the others.
Then the Marine stands up, grabs a nearby alligator and stuffs his dick in it's mouth. The gator grunts and thrashes about doing it's best to rip it off. The Marine just stands there, calmly smoking a cigarette and sipping his drink. After a minute or two he grabs a stick clubs the gator over the head a few times and it lets go and runs off. More stunned silence.
Finally the Marine says, anyone want to try THAT?
The sailor raises his hand and say's, "i'll try it but you have to promise to not hit me with that stick."

(Sorry TS, you know how it is with the Marine/Navy jokes)

Now, let's all just mellow out a bit, shall we?

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